Content Planning for Social Media - 5 Day Workbook


This 5 Day Workbook Challenge focuses on five aspects to focus your marketing on: People, Business, Brand, Engagement, and You. Each day includes a page of notes reviewing the topic and a page for you to brainstorm and plan your content. The six week post idea calendar is built to correspond with the topics you’ll go through each day.

At the end of the five days, you’ll have organized enough content to go through the calendar and begin prepping your posts. Though the calendar outlines daily posts for 6 weeks, you can also use the notes you take from this workbook to scatter in posts in a way that works with your current social media marketing plan.

This 14 Page PDF Fillable File download includes:

  • 6 Week Calendar of Post Prompts
  • 5 Pages of Post Prep Notes (detailing the purpose behind the posting ideas in the calendar)
  • 5 Pages of Brainstorming (to guide you through creating your content to be able to create posts for the calendar