Social Media Marketing Calendar Prompts - Christmas & Holiday Posting Ideas


Using These Social Media Calendar Prompts for Ecommerce & Digital Retail Marketing

Use these prompts to stay on track during the Christmas Holiday Season. Rather than scrambling to post to stay active during one of the busiest retail times of the year, follow the calendar to guide your posts and publish purposeful content on your social media.

The download includes:

  • a post calendar with 30 ideas
  • an explanation of each of social media post to help guide your own content creation
  • a checklist for tackling photos to go along with the posts in the social media calendar
  • suggestions for adapting to the calendar based on products or services you offer
  • 9 graphics (text-editable in Canva) to go along with the posts in the social media calendar


A few things to note about using this social media marketing calendar:

  • this is a prompt calendar intended for social media posts to give you ideas on creating your own content, it does not include captions or photos
  • the prompts are all ideas geared around the Christmas/Winter holidays


Need Help Planning Your Social Media Content and Marketing?

2022 Social Media Marketing Calendar Template

This social media calendar template is a starter tool for organizing your posts for the year across a combination of social media platforms. It contains the basic fields needed to organize content planning and scheduling.

  • pre-plan social media posts for all your platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.)
  • include deadlines for upcoming social media posts or marketing campaigns
  • sidebar includes a space to include what your focus is for the month and your main to-do list
  • below the calendar dates includes two separate areas to jot down business notes and brand notes
  • invite your team to your marketing calendar to coordinate projects, social media, and long-term planning

Go to 2022 Social Media Marketing Calendar Template

5 Day Social Media Content Workbook

This calendar is used as a template for staying organized. No frills, no little extras—just your at-a-glance planner to keep your social media on track and marketing organized. If you’re having trouble getting started with it, check out the 5 Day Content Planning Workbook. It includes:

  • 6 Week Calendar of Post Prompts—these prompts can be used to post daily or to spread them out across weeks or months, whatever fits your business marketing plan.
  • 5 Pages of Post Prep Notes (detailing the purpose behind the posting ideas in the calendar)
  • 5 Pages of Brainstorming (to guide you through creating your content to be able to create posts for the calendar