2020 Social Media Marketing Calendar Template


This calendar is built in Google Sheets. You’ll be prompted to create a copy of the calendar that you can save in your personal Google Drive folder. The calendar is 12 months long (January to December) for the 2020 Calendar year. The week starts on Sunday and there are content planning sections for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and one unnamed social network.

This social media calendar template is a starter tool for organizing your posts for the year across a combination of social media platforms. It contains the basic fields needed to organize content planning and scheduling.

Use this template to plan successful social media campaigns and plan consistent contents for your digital marketing.


Looking for the 2022 Social Media Marketing Calendar Template?

The new and improved template has been created in Google Slides and includes an at-a-glance monthly view, room for your to-do lists, space for business and brand notes, and flexible planning within the calendar. It’s available for $5 right here: 2022 Social Media Marketing Calendar Template.