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Modern Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Small businesses

Modern Marketing by KAESPO Media is an online community where entrepreneurs and small business owners can connect, learn, and share. In this group, we grow our businesses together.

There’s room for learning and sharing so we can continually market our ventures to the highest potential using the best modern practices. Our priority is to form genuine relationships within the group where we can find support and inspiration while we elevate our businesses.

Keep it Spam Free

Self-promotion is only permitted in the designated daily threads where you can share your services, products, or if you're hiring.


We are all here to learn, share, and grow together. Use this group to grow your brand and build honest connections.

Be Kind & Courteous

Be respectful of each other. We're here to support one another; comments should be thoughtful, encouraging, and constructive.

Respect privacy

What's shared in the group, stays in the group. Additionally, no messaging members without their permission.

Join The Facebook Group

This Facebook Group is completely free to join. We simply ask that you adhere to our community guidelines and keep you mind and business open to making sincere connections.

no self-promotion, link-dropping, and poaching for sales and clients

We have a few daily threads that give everyone the opportunity to share links their products, services, and sales.

In order to encourage genuine discussion among members, we ask that links to promotions are only shared in the appropriate daily threads or when a member is searching for a service or product that you offer. In that case, absolutely share your information!

This also goes for starting follow-for-follow threads – please do not start a thread asking people to share their links for the sake of following. Instead, please use our daily threads for social engagement.

The promotion of MLMs is not allowed, even in designated threads, though you may share your personal brand instead.

Label Your Posts Using Our Topics So Everyone Can search Discussions Easily

Once you start creating your post, there will be the option to “Add Post Topic” where you’ll see an option to tag the one that makes most sense for your post.

This helps new and old members browse discussions to see if they missed anything or if there’s a question they want to ask that has already been answered.

Permitted Post types for Group Users

All users can share text posts, photos, videos, polls, and recommendation searches.
If you are including a link (to a resource, not self-promotion), please include it in the first comment.
Only Admins + Moderators are permitted to go live, start watch parties, and start events.

If you Are Looking to Hire Someone, Please Post Details

Share details about your project or what exactly you’re looking for to help people apply that can help.
For example, if you’re looking for a Social Media Manager – include approximately how many accounts you have, if it’s for you or a client, and any specialties in particular you prefer.
Anyone applying for offers in the Hiring topic are welcome to leave portfolio and website links.

No Direct Affiliate Links

You are welcome to share links to blog posts or website pages that include affiliate links but you may not include the direct link within a Facebook comment or post.

Please Stay on Topic, Share Relevant Information & Links

This is not the place to show off your wicked meme curation skills. We want to drive the conversation forward with useful, inspirational, and educational content.

Please Don't Start a Conversation for the Sole Purpose of Selling Your Services

We’re here for community and genuine engagement with each other. Please don’t ask questions to the group if you only intend to sell them something; instead, share your expertise in a friendly and genuine way without pushing sales.

No 'Please Delete if Not Allowed' Threads

We can avoid these posts by getting familiar with our guidelines. If you’re not sure about your post, just check!

Be Kind, Courteous, and Helpful

This is a safe place for entrepreneurs and business owners to find help, learn, and connect with other like-minded people. Not everyone has the same business model or the same views and that’s okay. Healthy debates, giving feedback (when asked), and sharing positive or negative parts of your journey are all encouraged – and if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
There is absolutely no tolerance for making posts that have no purpose except to knock someone else down, whether it’s their business, how they run it, or something personal.