Spring Isn't Cancelled!

Fresh wallpapers courtesy of some wonderful lyrics and pretty flowers! You all know I’m a sucker for music and dried florals. It only made sense that the first project published on this new blog involved both. Most designs and content from the original blog will be moved here but it’ll appear differently than it did before. You’ll have access to most of the old designs. If it doesn’t make the cut, Tumblr + Pinterest will have the rest.

I reached out to Brooke (Of Candor) to see if I could use some of her music for these and she was on board! She’s an Edmonton based folk/pop artist and an all-around lovely human.

The florals were from a local boutique (see below) and I actually bought all these dried flowers from there. Usually I buy fresh flowers and dry them myself but they had a few nicely dried ones already so that was a plus!

Photography + Design

I photographed the flowers in my living room window on a table because the light in there is phenomenal. Edited in Photoshop. I keeping these flowers forever in a bouquet on my piano. Or until they totally fall apart from me photographing them everywhere.

Of Candor Music

Once upon a time I was selling prints at a local (Edmonton, AB) maker’s market at the Yellowhead Brewery and Brooke (Of Candor) was singing. I stalked her online, as you do (you know how it is) and I’ve been following her ever since.

She was kind enough to send me the lyrics to a few of her songs and they were, of course, magical.

Website: www.ofcandor.com
Instagram: @ofcandormusic →
Facebook: @ofcandor →

Phone Wallpapers

Please, for the love of local businesses, artists, creators, and good humans everywhere – do not save these and sell them as your own. It’s in bold because we all know this has been a problem. Copyright infringement isn’t cool. It sucks.

These are for personal enjoyment for humans that like pretty flowers and good music. Save these to your phone and have at ‘er!

And if you use these wallpapers, I’ll send you virtual hugs and good vibes into the universe if you share a screenshot in your IG story or something!

Dried Spring Florals + Of Candor Music