Create a Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Business

Content Planning for Brands & Businesses

There’s more to social media marketing than a pretty Instagram feed. Don’t get me wrong, I love a pretty feed (I am a designer, after all) but what I love more is thoughtful content. Social Media Marketing plans are for brands and businesses that have been posting for years, months, or days. Having a plan turns your pretty feed into a tool that can build a community and generate traffic, leads, or sales. This post outlines the steps you can take to start building a social media plan that works for you.

1. Determine the social media platforms you want to market yourself on.

Are you on platforms that work for your business? Identify where your audience is and how you want to connect with them. A few things to keep in mind when you decide where you want to focus your marketing efforts:

Your Resources

Will it be you maintaining your social media plan? There are a ton of platforms out there and depending on your time and resources, you might not be able to manage all of them at once to a standard that reflects your brand. Consider how much time and effort you or your team will be able to put into your social media accounts. If it means you have to start with one account and adjust your plan from there, that’s okay.

Your Audience

Each platform is better at one thing than it is at another but where one might fall short, another will likely pick up the slack. Similarily, where one platform appeals to a certain demographic but misses another, a different platform will have a stronger base. Where your ideal audience resides will affect how you reach them.

2. Choose goals for your social media marketing.

This is also a part of your business marketing plan. If you’re a little unsure of your brand at the moment, check out my Branding Checklist. Otherwise, you can start by building on top of your current business goals.

What are you marketing to people?

Write down a few things you want to accomplish through your social media marketing. Make these trackable goals by defining what success would look like to you. For example, if your goal is bring more traffic to your website, add how many visitors you’d like to see on a monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly basis. By tracking your progress, you can continue to adjust your strategy for the best possible results.

3. Start creating your content.

There are tons of ideas out there (and maybe you’re already doing some of them you’ve seen) to help brands plan daily and monthly content for the social media. Sometimes all you need is a few prompts to get started.

Social Media Prompts

This is the calendar that’s part of my 5 Day Content Planning Workbook and it has six weeks of post prompts to help kick start your planning. There are a ton of prompts already out there too (if you do a quick search online for social media calendars) to get ideas flowing. A few ways to start brainstorming your content are to align your posts directly with your goals. Depending on your business, you’ll want to find a balance between sharing what you offer and connecting with your audience.

Selling a product

selling a service

Batch Content Planning For Social Media

The calendar above was made to work hand-in-hand with my 5 Day Content Planning Workbook and is intended to help you draft enough content for six weeks worth social media posts and give you the foundation to recycle that content for future use and planning.

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This 5 Day Workbook Challenge focuses on five aspects to focus your marketing on: People, Business, Brand, Engagement, and You. Each day includes a page of notes reviewing the topic and a page for you to brainstorm and plan your content. The six week post idea calendar is built to correspond with the topics you’ll go through each day.

6 Week Calendar of Post Prompts + 5 Pages of Post Prep Notes + 5 Pages of Brainstorming

4. Start posting and scheduling your content.

For my own business page feed, personally, I’m a Save Draft type of person. For my social media management clients, I schedule and draft posts ahead of time according to the plan I’ve made for them. My personal page is usually on the fly (and that’s part of the fun).

There are plenty of tools out there to help you publish to social media and it comes down to what works for you. A few of my favorite publishing platforms that I’ve used for myself and clients:

I also use a spreadsheet for myself and each of my clients to keep track of long terms posting plans. You can download the Google Sheets version for free here: Marketing Planning Calendar Template.

5. Track your progress and adjust your social media strategy as you go.

This is why we created trackable goals! A properly executed social media plan takes up time and effort. If what you’re doing isn’t working, don’t keep wasting your time. The more you get the hang of your social media, the more you’ll get back from it.

Make a habit of writing down the results of your campaigns once their complete as well as reviewing your social media insights on a monthly basis. There are tools you can use, free and paid, to help you track these. However, there’s something to be said for a simple spreadsheet to get yourself started.

Over time, you’ll be able to figure out:

From there, you can refine your social media approach:

Adapting to the current market

You are not alone if your business has been affected by Covid-19 and it’s uncharted territory for many people.

Not sure about what to post about during business closure? Whatever you do, don’t post nothing. You don’t want to disappear! This is a great time to nail your social media marketing. Taking it day-by-day until you’re comfortable is perfectly fine, especially when the situation changes day-by-day.

It’s an interesting time to navigate. I adjusted every social media marketing plan I had in place for my clients so I could ensure their brand was sharing valuable, sensitive content.

If you still find yourself at a loss of things to post, you can still use this time to plan for your future marketing. Take product photos, prep graphics, and update your website!

Shoot me a message on Instagram (or directly to my email through my website) if you want chat more about planning your content. I’m happy to help and readily available to help you sort through the ride that is social media marketing.



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