Content Creation

And Social Media Coordination

Content professionally designed, photographed, and optimized for your brand.

Social Media

I believe in creating and sharing valuable content.
This includes our engagement strategies.

My packages are extremely flexible and no service is ever the same for two businesses. What remains consistent, no matter the social media package chosen, is that we use metrics to help us build and grow your online presence.

Yes. I’m a Nikon gal myself but I also rock an iPhone on the fly! Sometimes, when it comes to larger projects, I bring on Janelle Dudzik Photography.
That’s a-okay! I can help create content and a consistent feed using a combination of provided photos and photos I take myself.

You bet I do! It’s one of the best ways to incorporate different aspects of your business and keep a feed fresh.

I like to recycle old content (as long as it’s still relevant) so you don’t have to stress about working on new products and promotions and still keep your social media up to date.

Absolutely. From custom presets to custom graphics to captions, everything I create is based on what is best for your brand.

Everybody is different during the publishing process. Usually, I create visuals on a monthly basis then draft posts on a bi-weekly basis where you can see your social media calendar.

Yes, and it all depends on what you need. I specialize in content creation and publishing on Instagram & Facebook and long-term Pinterest strategies for websites traffic.

I am the only person who develops strategies, designs, and works on your accounts. Sometimes, for my own work, I bring on an additional coordinator or assistant to help streamline administrative tasks and work within templates I’ve created myself.


Social media plans developed and implemented to work for your brand. We reach our goals by publishing purposeful content.


Genuine engagement is a tool as much as quality content is. Interacting and developing your community is a part of every strategy.


We establish our goals early on. I use the data collected from your website and social media accounts to monitor the success of campaigns and adjust our plans.

Consistent Publishing & Content

A social media content publishing schedule that
fits for your brand, budget, and goals.

I assist with photo editing (even when I’m not managing the photography myself) to achieve a cohesive look. This, paired with quality captions and hashtags, gives your brand a consistent presence on social media.

There’s no right or wrong list of what you might need. I put together a plan based on what you require and a system that will take the stress off of the social media part of your marketing.

Social media is worked into all my full-scale marketing packages. If you’re looking for a marketing calendar, campaign management, and launch strategies, that can also be worked into a plan.

It differs based on requirement and I’m flexible with most budgets. Most plans begin at a monthly rate of $735 CAD.

Yes. I offer small project videography services (15-30 seconds) including editing. This can either be subbed in place of photos in the content creation plans or built within the services from the beginning

These are most often used for stories. Social media calls for a lot of on-the-fly work and find that often, the best authentic content needs to be told on the spot. I also edit video as it is taken by you so we don’t lose any stories.

It always depends on the goal and scope of the video. While I’m confident in putting together smaller videos, if a video will be part of a large-scale campaign I like to bring on a local videographer to handle the heavy lifting while still managing the creative vision.

Depending on the type of video, I’ll work between an iPhone or my DSLR. I have stabilizers, tripods, and a monopod for my DSLR and work with a gimbal for my iPhone.

For editing, I prefer Adobe Premier (standard videos) or Adobe After Effects (for graphic based videos).


I’m experienced with some of the best tools in the content creation industry. This includes desktop + phone applications and reporting + publishing applications.


Your social media has the power to be a significant marketing tool within your business. I create a system that can be maintained and scaled.


Digital marketing changes all the time. Staying up to date in my field is on my daily agenda and allows me to provide the highest standard of social media services.

Marketing, Social Media, and Strategy Designed for your brand

The process begins with conversation about where
you are and where you want to be. ​

Are you ready?

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