I’m a digital marketer,
content creator, and
graphic/web designer.

It's nice to meet you.

KAESPO Media began as a passion project for creative release. It was the side project of a separate business venture. I launched KAESPO in 2016 after freelancing as a graphic & web designer for the previous 7 years.

I used the KAESPO blog to share work I created that spoke to my personal style and growth as a designer. It housed artistic projects and experimental creative endeavors. It wasn’t long before I made the decision to merge KAESPO with my freelancing business and my chosen career in marketing.

In 2018, I began accepting new clients, alongside my freelance projects, that shared the same pull to merge their business with creative design and marketing solutions. My business pivoted towards providing long term marketing support for my new clients.

I remained open to single projects along the way (they’ll always have a special place in my creative soul) and found a balance in also creating and implementing marketing strategies for my clients.