2020 Social Media Marketing Calendar

social media template for google sheets

This social media calendar template is a starter tool for organizing your posts for the year across a combination of social media platforms. It contains the basic fields needed to organize, plan, and schedule content.

Use this template to plan successful social media campaigns and plan consistent contents for your digital marketing.

This calendar is built in Google Sheets. You’ll be prompted to create a copy of the calendar that you can save in your personal Google Drive folder. The calendar is 12 months long (January to December) for the 2020 Calendar year. The week starts on Sunday and there are content planning sections for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and one unnamed social network.

Create consistent social media content for your account and your clients.

We, as digital marketers, preach consistency on social media (and, if we’re being honest, consistency generally applies to all aspects of marketing) all the time. Putting the time and effort into consistent posts online will strengthen your social media strategy regardless of your industry.

Use a posting calendar in unison with other marketing tools

A calendar alone will not give you consistency. However, it will keep you on schedule and organized and in the end, that will keep you consistent. Within this template, get as specific as your process needs you to. Enter in campaigns as far ahead as you know about them. This includes adding when you need to start working on that campaign, not just the launch date.

Use it for more than scheduling your posts

Create as many rows as you need to be able to plan other aspects of your marketing.

Launching a lead capture campaign on Instagram? Make notes about what you need to be doing on other networks or platforms, even if it’s not public posts. These are things like updating landing pages, creating new e-mail lists, or scheduling branding shoots.

create as many copies as you want for clients or extensive campaigns

Many digital marketers now run more than one account. Create a calendar to keep your clients organized or for  detailed campaigns that will require long term social media marketing.

You can also share this calendar with your clients or collaborators to keep everyone up to speed.

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